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Head Office
Location : TCC Complex Building, Opposite to Hotel Taj Tashi, Samten Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan.
contact No.+975 77103077; (02)-337283
Post Box No:631
Fax No:+975-2-336236
Customer Care:+975 77103077 (ext 722)
Email Id : tbank

Phuntsholing Branch
Location : 1st Floor, RICBL Office Building, Samdrup Lam, Phuntsholing, Bhutan.
contact No.+975 77190210 / 11; (05)-253156
Post Box No:118
Fax No:+975-05-253157
Customer Care:+975 77190210 (ext 727)
Email Id : tbank

Gelephu Branch
contact No.+975 77190088/77190099
Post Box No:212
Fax No:+975 77190088/77190099
Customer Care:+975 77190088
Email Id : tbank

Wangdue Branch
Location : Opposite to Druk PNB and RICBL Office, Bajotown, Wangdue, Bhutan.
contact No.+97577191215/+97577191216
Post Box No:1269
Fax No:+975-2-481733
Customer Care:+975 77191215
Email Id : tbank

Paro Branch
Location : Paro Tshongdue Town, Paro, Bhutan,
Post Box No:1318
contact ::00975-77192077/77192177
Fax No:00975-(8)272077
Email Id : tbank

Samdrup Jongkhar Branch

Location :  Namgyeling House, Ground Floor, S/Jongkhar, Bhutan
Post Box No:166
contact ::00975-77192032/ 07-251651/52
Email Id : tbank

Mongar Branch
Location : Wangchuk Building, Ground Floor, Mongar, Bhutan,
Post Box No:149
contact ::00975-77192031/ 04-641255
Fax No:00975-(04)641255
Email Id : tbank

Trashigang  Branch
Location : Samdrup Building, Trashigang, Bhutan,
Post Box No:104
contact ::00975-77183131/ 77183132
Email Id : tbank

Samtse Branch
Location : Phuentshok Building, Ground Floor, Samtse, Bhutan,
Post Box No:349
contact ::00975-77192233/ 77192234
Email Id : tbank

Trongsa Extension Office
Location : Sangay Tenzin Building, Trongsa, Bhutan,
Post Box No:1318
contact ::00975-77192030/ 03-521144
Fax No:00975-(03)521144
Email Id : tbank


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