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The Current Accounts are opened by customers who desire that their accounts having substantial volume of transactions to meet their day to day business operational requirement. The current account and the fund balances in it are meant for operational purposes of the customers. The current account is not for saving purpose and therefore does not earn interest on deposit or balance. The account is also known as Demand Deposit Account and  some of the salient features of this current account are the following.


  • All Bhutanese Businessmen, Business Houses, Sole Proprietary Concerns, Partnership Firms, Companies, Clubs, Associations, Trusts, Government/ Local Government Bodies, Cooperative Societies, International Organizations and Diplomatic Missions etc. are eligible to open current deposit account.

Checklist of documents required:

  • For Bhutanese Individuals

–  A copy of CID and 2 copies of passport sized photographs.

  • For others as mentioned above

– A copy of valid Business License/ Certificate of Incorporation/ Article of Association/ Partnership Deed. Two copies each of passport size photographs of Directors/ Partners/ Persons authorized to operate the Account.

  • BIT/CIT Number


  • Unrestricted amount of Deposit & Withdrawals.
  • Can be linked with ATM to facilitate withdrawals by cards.
  • Can be linked for Internet and SMS Banking Services.
  • Fund transfers through different mediums and loan repayments can be processed through this account with standing instructions.


  • The account can be operated either singly/jointly or either.
  • No hidden fees or maintenance charges attached.
  • The payments to creditors can be settled by issuing cheques and the payments received from the debtors can be deposited in the account for collection.
  • The account can be opened with minimum balance of Nu. 1,000.00 and nominal penalty is levied for violation of this clause. There is no restriction on the number and amount of deposits and withdrawals.
  • As the account is designed for the business entrepreneurs and business entities for transacting unrestricted volume of transactions, no interest is paid thereon.
  • The account holder can apply for the certificate of Credit Worthiness based on the conduct of this account.
  • The business accounts can be reconciled by use of their bank statements over a specific period of time.