Home || REVISED LENDING RATES OF T BANK LTD. W.E.F, 7th September, 2017

Sl No.Loan ProductsMaximum Tenor (Yrs)Fixed RatesFloating Rates
1Loan to SME510.75%
2Trade & Commerce (business loan)1013.00%12.50%
3Manufacturing and Industry1511.00%10.00%
4Earth moving equipment (heavy)5%12.25%
5Service & Tourism Up To 20 years209.25%8.50%
6Service & Tourism Up To 10 years109.50%8.75%
7Housing Residential/renovation2011.00%9.25%
8Housing Commercial/renovation2011.00%9.75%
9Transport loan (Light Vehicle)-salary based59.50%
10Transport light (Commercial purpose)511.50%
11Transport Heavy- (commercial purpose)510.75%
12Transport -Public buses510.25%
14Personal loan513.00%
15Mortgage Loan512.50%
16Computer/gadget loan211.00%
17Govt. Employee Loan58.75%
18Loan Against Shares1010.90%10.75%
19Education loan512.00%
20Festival Loan59.45%
21Working Capital for Service and Tourism111.00%
22Working Capital for Manufacturing and Industry111.00%
23Working Capital for Trade and Commerce112.00%
24PSL - Agriculture CSI58.00%Not Applicable
25PSL - Non-Agriculture CSI108.50%Not Applicable