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The scheme is designed to encourage salaried and small time savers groups of customers with regular income to save through this account. The scheme is otherwise referred as Recurring Deposit Saving Scheme (RDSS). It is opened for a purpose to be served at a future date. It is aimed at financing preplanned future purposes like acquiring landed properties, construction of home/building, investing on business ventures, preparing for educational expenses of the children or spend luxury car. It is for those who want to save regularly for a certain period of time and earn a higher interest rate.


  • All Bhutanese and Non-Bhutanese individuals

Checklist of documents required:

  • For Bhutanese Individuals:

– A copy of CID and 2 copies of passport sized photographs and BIT/CIT Numbers.

  • For Non- Bhutanese Individuals:

– A copy of Voter Card or Passport/ Work Permit and 2 copies of passport sized photographs.


  • The investment period can be decided by the account holder at his convenience within a period of 6 months to 120 months as tabulated by the bank.
  • The overdraft facility can be availed by pledging this account.
  • It can be opened in the name of minor under the natural guardianship of parents or legally appointed regent


  • Withdrawals are not allowed from the account. However, based on the exigencies of the depositor’s needs of fund during the currency of the deposit, the depositor/account holders have the option of seeking maximum of 90% overdraft facility against the accrued balance of the account or terminate the account prematurely. In the event of closure of account prematurely, the bank applies 1% less from the maturity rate as on that date for the completed deposit period.
  • It cannot be linked with ATM cards.
  • It cannot be linked with Internet and SMS Banking Services.
  • No funds can be transferred through this account.
  • The account can be operated either singly/jointly or EOS.
  • No fees or maintenance charges.
  • The account can be opened in the multiple of Nu. 1,000/-.
  • In Recurring Deposit Account certain fixed amount is repaid with interest as maturity value at the end of particular fixed period.
  • The account holder is required to deposit monthly contracted installment in the account at stipulated date or instruct banker to facilitate deposit by debiting to his parallel saving bank account maintained for the purpose through issue of ‘one time’ standing instruction.