Home || Revised Deposit Rates effective from March 20, 2017

Sl No.Deposit ProductsMaximum Tenor ( in years) Existing Individual
Deposit Interest Rate (%)
Revised Individual
Deposit Interest Rate (%)
1Current DepositUnlimitedNil
2Saving DepositUnlimited5.50
3Fixed Deposit45 daysNANA
4Fixed Deposit60 daysNANA
5Fixed Deposit90 daysNANA
6Fixed Deposit91 to less than 120 days4.255.0
7Fixed Deposit120 to less than 180 days4.505.0
8Fixed /Recurring Deposit180 to less than 270 days5.755.50
9Fixed /Recurring Deposit270 to less than 1 year6.005.50
10Fixed /Recurring Deposit1 year to less than 2 years7.006.75
11Fixed /Recurring Deposit2 year to less than 3 years7.257.25
12Fixed /Recurring Deposit3 year to less than 4 years8.008.00
13Fixed /Recurring Deposit4 year to less than 5 years8.258.00
14Fixed /Recurring Deposit5 year to less than 7 years8.508.25
15Fixed /Recurring Deposit7 year to less than 10 years8.508.50
16Fixed /Recurring Deposit10 years and above8.509.00
17FD for SC & Religious Bodies