Home || Revised Deposit Rates effective from March 20, 2019

Sl No.Deposit ProductsMaximum Tenor ( in years) Existing Individual
Deposit Interest Rate (%)
Revised Individual
Deposit Interest Rate (%)
(w.e.f 1st May, 2019)
1Current DepositUnlimitedNil
2Saving DepositUnlimited5.50
3Fixed Deposit45 daysNANA
4Fixed Deposit60 daysNANA
5Fixed Deposit90 daysNANA
6Fixed Deposit91 to less than 120 days5.005.00
7Fixed Deposit120 to less than 180 days5.005.00
8Fixed /Recurring Deposit180 to less than 270 days5.505.50
9Fixed /Recurring Deposit270 to less than 1 year5.505.75
10Fixed /Recurring Deposit1 year to less than 2 years6.756.75
11Fixed /Recurring Deposit2 year to less than 3 years7.257.25
12Fixed /Recurring Deposit3 year to less than 4 years8.008.00
13Fixed /Recurring Deposit4 year to less than 5 years8.008.00
14Fixed /Recurring Deposit5 year to less than 7 years8.258.25
15Fixed /Recurring Deposit7 year to less than 10 years8.508.50
16Fixed /Recurring Deposit10 years and above9.009.00
17FD for SC & Religious Bodies
18Savings Deposit Rate.p.a.5.255.75