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Special Offer on TPayRemit

T Bank Management would like to announce that, in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic and its impact on the Bhutanese economy; the Bank would like to support the sincere efforts and aspiration of the RMA / RGoB and His Majesty the King in fulfilling the following objectives:

1.To support the economic recovery plan initiated by the RGOB under the guidance of His Majesty the king.

2.Increase the Foreign Currency Reserves of the Country.

3.Increase the income and wealth of the Bhutanese Society

4.Provide financial incentive and reduce bank charges to all the TPayRemit Users from Australia.

Considering the above objectives, the bank would like to announce the following waiver and reduction of charges with effective from June 14, 2022.

i. The charges per transaction will be AUD 12.00 irrespective of the amount.

Please note that Bank is offering 50% discount (AUD 6) on the transaction charges until December 31st, 2022 as an incentive to revive the economy.

ii. There will be no inter-bank transfer charges

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