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Now using your T Bank debit card makes more sense than ever. Spending directly through your debit card helps you control cash carrying risk. It requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be used to verify the transaction. Debit cards are used to electronically withdraw funds directly from the card holder’s accounts.

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Cash Withdrawal/ Purchase
  • Fast Cash from ATM
  • PIN Change from ATM
  • Mini Statement from ATM
  • Fund Transfer from ATM
  • Card is valid within Bhutan

Account holders who have account with any of the T Bank branches are eligible to avail the debit card services. The card can be availed as Individual, Either or Survivor (E or S), or Sole proprietorship.

Please note that Thumb impression/joint signatories account holders are not eligible to have debit cards.

Fees Nu
Renewal fees on Expiry and validity Free
Card Replacement fee 200
PIN Regeneration fee 100

  T Bank Terminals BFS Network terminals
Charges ATM (in Nu) POS (in Nu) ATM (in Nu) POS (in Nu)
Balance Enquiry Free Free First 4 transactions are free. For more than 4 transactions, Nu.8 will be charged  Free
Cash Withdrawal/Purchase Free Free First 4 transactions are free. For more than 4 transactions, Nu.8 will be charged  Free
Mini Statement Free      
PIN Change Free      

  T Bank Terminals BFS Network terminals
Transaction Limits ATM's POS's ATM's POS's
Daily Limit Nu.40,000/- Unlimited Nu.40,000/- Unlimited
Transaction Limit Nu.10,000/- per transaction   BFS acquirer Bank BFS acquirer Bank
No of Transactions per day 6 Unlimited 6 Unlimited
PIN Change Free      


Fuel card is an electronic system to make payment when you fuel your car. Stop worrying for change and fuel how much you want. Fuel card offers you the following advantages:

Spending Control for Managers

With fuel cards, you can set limits on how much can be spent, how often purchases can be made, and what drivers can buy. They also allow you to establish daily or weekly gallon limits, plus maximum transactions for each card.

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Drivers

Using a fuel card offers extra convenience for drivers, too. There’s no need for drivers to pay for fuel out of pocket, handle receipts, or ask for reimbursement. Additionally, drivers can feel more secure by not needing to carry cash.

Security and Fraud Protection

Utilizing a fuel card is the safest way to purchase fuel. Fuel cards use a driver ID/PIN at the point of sale, providing added security for users. Only some executives have secure access to account information and can immediately deactivate lost or stolen cards.

  • It cannot be used for any other purposes other than fuel. Card doesn’t allow withdrawal of cash.
  • It can be used only in Bhutan
  • Card will be issued in the name of office and individual vehicle No.
  • Individual card limits can be set.
  • Validity of the Card will be for 5 years.

Fees Nu
Application and Issuance Fees Free
Replacement fee 100

Note: Fees, Charges and transaction limits are subject to change.

Download New Card Applicant Form

Download Fuel Card Applicant Form

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