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The PSL is a loan scheme to the cottage and small industries (CSI) sector as a priority sector for targeted lending and increased coordination and efficiency in the delivery of government support schemes and incentives.

  • Farmers and young entrepreneurs are the preferred clients for PSL lending. PSL clients can avail loans as individuals, as groups/cooperatives or as a company incorporated in Bhutan (within the CSI investment size as defined by the MOEA).
  • PSL financing will be available for both new CSI businesses/startups as well as for CSI business expansion. Groups and/or cooperatives wishing to avail Agricultural CSI related financing must register with the MOAF.

  • Agricultural CSI: 8%
  • Non-agricultural CSI & value addition in Agricultural CSI: 8.5%

  • Under Agriculture CSI:
    • Individuals – Maximum of Nu 0.5 million
    • Group & Cooperatives- Maximum of Nu 10.million
  • Under Non-agriculture CSI:
    • Individuals, Group & Cooperatives, Incorporated companies- Maximum of Nu 10.0 million

  • Agricultural CSI: 5 year including gestation period of one year.
  • Non-agricultural CSI: 15 years including gestation period depending on type of activity or business.

  • PSL application form duly filled in and signed on all the pages.
  • For loan limit between Nu 0.5 million to Nu 1.0 million- A brief business proposal template duly filled in where applicable.
  • For loan limit between Nu 1.0 million to 10.0 million- A detailed business proposal with the financial projections.
  • A copy of valid citizen identity card of applicant (s) and the chairman, office bearer and treasurer if applicable.
  • One recent pass port size photograph of the applicant (s) or the chairman, office bearer and treasurer if applicable.
  • A copy of security clearance of the applicant (s) or the chairman, office bearer and treasurer if applicable.
  • Ownership certificate (s) of the plot where PSL activity is taking place if applicable.
  • For land under joint or co-ownership, a consent letter from the joint owner or co-owner witness by Gup of the Gewog/village if applicable.
  • Stamped Consent/No Objection letter for family owned land, family tree (household) register issued by Department of Civil Registration and Census, MoHCA (if applicable).
  • For private land under lease, a sale deed agreement and a copy of CID of the owner of the land if applicable.
  • Approved drawing plan of the building or construction and a copy of approval letter for construction from concern authority if applicable.
  • A copy of group resolution or Articles of association- in-case of partnership/cooperative/groups/company.

Download Application Form - PSL Individual    

Download Application Form - PSL Cooperative

Download Application Form - PSL Partnership 

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