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Selected candidates for the post of Record Keeper and Note Examiner

T Bank is pleased to announce the list of candidates selected for the post of Record Keeper and Note Examiner. Please click the link provided below to view the list of selected candidates and those kept as stand-by candidates:

Click here

The final selection was done based on the merit rankings considering the following criteria:

  1. Academic total score – 50% (English and best four subjects from Class X).
  2. Personal interview total score – 50%.

The selected candidates are required to report to the ADM/HR Department, Head Office, TCC Complex, Samten Lam, Thimphu at 08:50 AM tomorrow. The stand-by candidates will be offered the job for the mentioned post, in case the requirement arises within one year from the date of this announcement.

On behalf of the T Bank Management, we would like to thank all the applicants and would like to welcome all the selected candidates in the T Bank family.

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